Remembered. Honored. Transformed. 

Have you ever felt that one moment changed your life? A decision to move in a new direction, or to let go of something negative, or to be gentle with the profound pain of loss. All of these can lead to healing and transformation.

Sometimes a memory can be triggered by a cherished object, a strong smell, or a meaningful song. I take these memories and create a visual representation that can bring you comfort and peace, and provide a different perspective.

Celebrate a loved one:
If it is a person that you would like to honor, I can take a few treasured items and build a piece of artwork around them to create a new story of respect and meaning.

Honor the ones you cherish with a unique shrine dedicated to them. Bits and pieces that recall moments you wish to treasure. A secret place. A special time. A family tradition.

Perhaps your grandmother carried an embroidered handkerchief. Your uncle loved fly fishing. And your friend enjoyed travel. A handkerchief, a lure, or a map recalls fond memories of those we loved who are gone, but not forgotten.

A transition or healing moment:
Perhaps there was one day that changed your life forever. A union, a new baby or adoption, a surgery— a tranformative place or time in your life. All of these momumental times can be given worth and meaning to help you move forward in growth and understanding.

My process involves an interview questionnaire  that can be completed in writing or in person, done in a gentle and loving way. I will craft a narrative that remembers and honors that special person, transforming your pain of loss into something of beauty.

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